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Contractor Questionnaire


























Where hazards have been identified, is there a system to determine
















Indicate which of these are included in your Health and Safety programme:
























Please Email a Policy copy annually to


The Principal: ANZCO Foods Limited
The Contractor:
Description of Service:

  • We understand our obligations to ourselves, our subcontractors and our employees under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and confirm our intention to comply at all times while working on this contract.
  • We recognise that ANZCO Foods Ltd can only be responsible for advising the nature of, and methods of controlling, hazards specific to ANZCO Foods business or work site and that we shall apply best industry practice to ensure the safety of all involved at all times.
  • ANZCO Foods Ltd has advised us of the emergency procedures, location of emergency equipment, location and use of safety equipment, basic safety rules, hazards and hazard controls, go and no-go areas and access and authorisation requirements relevant to the services being performed.
  • We shall ensure that all our subcontractors and employees are informed of the same and that no person shall be permitted to work on the contract without being so informed.
  • We have a Health and Safety management system in place that ensures our compliance with the Health and Safety & Employment Act 1992 in connection with this contract.
  • We agree to make available for inspection on demand by ANZCO Foods Ltd any documentation related to Health and Safety in connection with this contract.
  • ANZCO Foods Ltd has the right to monitor our activities and carry out a safety audit from time to time during the progress of the contract.
  • ANZCO Foods Ltd has the right to suspend work at our expense where ANZCO Foods is not satisfied that all practicable steps are being taken to ensure the health and safety of employees and others in connection with the contract.
  • We will advise ANZCO Foods Ltd immediately of any accident in which serious harm is caused, or a significant hazard was involved and meets the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 in reporting serious harm accidents to the Department of Labour (OSH).
  • We will advise ANZCO Foods Ltd immediately of any new hazard created during the contract and will take all practicable steps to avoid harm being caused to any person as a result of such hazards. Before beginning work on the contract, we will carry out a systematic identification of hazards likely to be encountered and develop controls for all those identified as being significant hazards.

Authorised by the ANZCO Foods Health & Safety Coordinator

By submitting agreement is implied.