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Grain-finished Beef

ANZCO has carved a real niche for its grain-finished beef which is consistently juicy, tender and melts in the mouth. To create this premium product, hand-selected cattle are raised on nutritionally rich pastures for 18 months before being finished in the stress-free environment of the feedlot.

ANZCO'S Five Star Beef is New Zealand's only large-scale commercial feedlot. 


Ocean Beef

Ocean Beef

Ocean Beef originates from an idyllic location on the edge of the sparkling blue water of the Pacific Ocean.

Raised on lush, green pastures then fed with locally grown grain, Ocean Beef is a unique product of an environment blessed by nature - the best grass, the best grains and fresh sea air.

From the farm to the table exceptional care ensures Ocean Beef delivers a first class and memorable eating experience.

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The Perfect Combination of Nature and Nurture

After grazing on lush, green pastures for 18 months, only the best Angus and Hereford cattle are hand selected to be grain finished under wide Wakanui skies, refreshed by breezes off the Pacific Ocean. 

In this pleasant environment, Wakanui beef is raised totally free from hormone growth promotants and residual antibiotics.  A clear artesian water supply and Mid Canterbury grown, GMO-free golden grain, help create a unique and truly premium beef which is then aged for 21 days for maximum tenderness.

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Other Products


In addition to its branded beef products, ANZCO produces a large number of other products from beef including:

  • Veal
  • Offals (Fancy Meats)
  • Co-Products
    • Hides
    • Rendered products including tallow, meat and bone meal and blood meal

For more details about these products or to discuss a tailor-made solution to meet your individual customer requirements please click here.