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ANZCO Foods Beef

Grass-fed Beef

On world markets, sustainably farmed free-range, grass-fed beef is a key point of difference.

The majority of beef available in New Zealand is grass-fed, due to our country's extensive pastures and favourable climate - factors that set us apart.


Riverlands Angus


From the traditional farming regions of the North Island’s Taranaki, Manawatu and East Coast, our cattle graze freerange on fertile lush pastures. Reared to a maximum of 30 months, only the best animals are hand selected for Riverlands Angus.

Riverlands Angus a legacy you can trust. For you this means beef that is naturally marbled, fine textured, flavoursome and nutritious. 

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Greenstone Creek

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It starts with the natural beauty of New Zealand's precious stone and crystal-clear water. Its uncompromising perfection inspired us to deliver a range of grass-fed, premium New Zealand beef that could capture that same quality: Greenstone Creek.

Only a truly exceptional cut meets the Greenstone Creek standard. Hand-selected and aged for 21 days, this results in beef that's beautifully marbled, mouth-wateringly tender, and full of rich natural flavour.

Maori Lakes


Maori Lakes is one of the hidden treasures of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. Fed by mountain springs, the sparkling lakes are named after the local Maori people who have traditionally fished them.

Maori Lakes beef reflects those qualities of purity - raised free-range, living the way nature intended.
Available year round, Maori Lakes graces the finest dining tables of the world, and is internationally sought after for its stunning flavour and freshness.





There's no prouder province in New Zealand than Canterbury, and it's not just down to the beauty of its snow clad peaks, lakes and majestic rivers. Canterbury has long been one of the great food producing regions in this country, thanks to its unique mix of nature's gifts and smart farming.

Rich, river-drained soils and a mild climate with plenty of sunshine allow grass to grow all year round, so flock and herd are free to graze throughout the seasons. The end result is quality meat

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Canterbury Angus


From the traditional farming regions of the South Island’s Canterbury Plains and West Coast, our beef graze free range on fertile, lush pastures. Reared to a maximum of 24 months, only the best animals are hand selected for Canterbury Angus. For you this means beef that is naturally marbled, fine textured, flavoursome and nutritious.

To further enhance the eating experience Canterbury Angus is then aged 21 days, giving it its unrivalled flavour and consistent tenderness.

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Our beef is farmed in the natural riverlands of New Zealand. With a mild climate abundant in sunshine and rain, the grass grows here year round. This creates lush pastures perfect for raising the finest beef cattle, free to roam and graze on nature's bounty.

The result is tender, succulent meat. It's good for you, too: packed with essential nutrients for optimal health. With nature doing such a fine job, we mainly stay out of her way. Our farmers concentrate on ensuring their animals are as happy and healthy as possible, and we concentrate on delivering this quality meat in prime condition.



Other Products


In addition to its branded beef products, ANZCO produces a large number of other products from beef including:

  • Veal
  • Offals (Fancy Meats)
  • Co-Products
    • Hides
    • Rendered products including tallow, meat and bone meal and blood meal

For more details about these products or to discuss a tailor-made solution to meet your individual customer requirements please click here.