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About ANZCO Healthcare

ANZCO Healthcare is an innovative business and is part of the ANZCO Foods group; one of New Zealand's largest exporters with sales of NZ$1.45bn and over 3,000 staff worldwide. Our team of dedicated specialists works with healthcare partners to deliver bespoke, customised solutions that contribute to beneficial innovations to the well being of people's lives in the:

  • healthcare/pharmaceutical
  • nutraceutical
  • biotissues/medical devices
  • dietary and food solution markets.

You can trust our claims about traceability

Many businesses make claims about traceability, but our team of healthcare specialists is unique because as part of ANZCO Foods - a vertically integrated meat company in New Zealand - ANZCO Healthcare can guarantee full supply-chain management that is secure from the farmer producer to the customer.

So when we talk about traceability we mean actually knowing the names of our farmer producers, and having  control of the raw materials right from the first step in the supply chain on farm through to the product that is delivered to our healthcare partners.

We buy the livestock, we process the livestock and then we ship it to our partners. In other words, we have total control of the process. Compare this to many of our competitors' claims of traceability and ANZCO's ability  to deliver product seamlessly from producer to customer translates into a win-win on consistency and quality.

Consistent quality you can rely on

Knowing the origin of our product and that New Zealand enjoys designation as GBR1 - negligible risk of BSE as well as other animal diseases of commercial significance - adds another level of assurance. Quality control and compliance are priorities to us and to our customers and for these reasons ANZCO has EU and USDA/FDA certified facilities.

Experience the difference when you partner with ANZCO Healthcare

Customer partners trust us with projects because our team:

  • has an expert knowledge and understanding of the sector
  • can offer long-term supply arrangements to individual customers
  • possesses the scientific integrity, technical capability and commercial experience to execute a project on time and in full
  • guarantees a security of supply of raw material and a level of audit control that is not achievable from other suppliers.

We take satisfaction in being responsive to customer needs, and our core values mean that we provide our partners with excellence in both product and service.

ANZCO Healthcare: collaborating with our partners to deliver safe, responsible, innovative and customised solutions in the healthcare market.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about ANZCO Healthcare please contact us here